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Carver: 28 Kerrzy

28 Kerrzy

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When we met with Josh Kerr to session design ideas for his new models we were stoked to find that he already had a strong vision for this model. The first thing he said was how much he liked riding the little board we had given his son. He loved how snappy it was, and told us how much pumping he did just in his driveway. We love that too, so we were stoked to make one for him. Plus he said because it was small it was easy to bring along on trips and ride anywhere in the world. But since this is a mini for Josh we added a little bit of width for better board control, while not adding too much so it stayed small and light. And when it came to graphics he wanted to use a photo by his friend and filmer Matt Kleiner, so we worked with Matt to get the perfect shot of Josh doing what he does best; flying over the lip.

9 3/4� wide
5 1/2" tail
3 1/2" nose
14 7/8" wheelbase
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